Barn equipment

Barn equipment for cattle – that provides an efficient agriculture

Regardless if your wish is to increase efficiency, get higher performance or more welfare for your animals we have the best barn equipment to help you succeed as a farmer. All of our products are invented and designed in Denmark. They are developed for the purpose to spare the cows and make it easier to be farmer.

Cow-Welfares Flex Stall staldinventar/Barn equipmentCow-Welfare Flex Stall™

Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls™ is an enhancement of the well-known GreenStall, which has won a lot of awards throughout Europe for its innovative shape and flexible design. Tommy Wollesen has developed Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls ™.

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Cow-Welfares Flex Feed forværk/Barn equipmentCow-Welfare Flex Feed™

It’s time to stop thinking in general terms when cows are fed. It’s time to give the cows the freedom from grass fields into the barns. It’s time to do barn equipment flexible for the well-being of the cow…

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Cow-Welfares LatexSoft madras/Barn equipmentCow-Welfare LatexSoft™ og LatexSoft CHY™

At Cow-Welfare™ we know the difference if the cow gets the best or second best. That is why we have developed our very own mattress, so the cows will enjoy better sleeping comforts…

Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY™ is the world’s first oblique mattress for cows with two different soft comfort zones. The front area of the mattress reduces the weight on the forefoot joints significantly, the gradient in the rear area of the mattress provides the stability of the mattress for maximum comfort and cleanliness for the cow.

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