Cow cubicle mattresses for better comfort and clean cows

At Cow-Welfare™ we know the difference between the best and the second best, when it comes to cow cubicle mattresses.

That is why we have developed our very own cow cubicle mattress: Cow-Welfare LatexSoft™, so the cows will enjoy better sleeping comforts.

Years ago we were merchants of various mattresses, but we were never quite satisfied with those products. In 2005 we, therefore, decided to do something about it; we chose to develop our very own mattress.

We contacted a Danish company, which makes mattresses for you and me. We gave them all the data about a cow: How much is the weight? What is the weight of the cows stomach? How big is the pressure from the hooves? Etc. All these data were accumulated in a computer; this experiment led to the mattress we have today.

Cow-Welfare Latex Soft ™ mattress has now been installed in many barns throughout Europe since 2005 without any problems.

The world’s first oblique mattress for cows

Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ (Comfort High Yield) differs from other mattresses on the market

The Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ mattress is developed to reduce the weight on the cows forefoot joints while the cows are lying down. Experiments have shown that the burden is on the root of the forefoot joints when the cows are lying down with a pressure of 350-480 kg. The cow itself weighs 500-600 kg, so the weight pressure on the root of the forefoot joints is more than 60% of the cows’ body weight.

Viser hvordan en ko rejser sig

That is the reason why Cow-Welfare™ has developed the Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ mattress(Comfort High Yield). This mattress is higher in the front end than in the rear end. The Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ has two different soft comfort zones. The front area of the mattress reduces the weight on the forefoot joints significantly, the gradient in the rear area of the mattress provides the stability of the mattress for maximum comfort and cleanliness for the cow. It is very important that the mattress can provide the optimal sleeping position and that the mattress is stable and solidified while the cow is standing in the box.

Experiments have shown that it is possible with a combination of Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls™, Cow-Welfare Flex Feed™ and Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ to change the current day rhythm of the cow. The average resting time per cow is 12 hours per day, but with the new mattress: Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™, the resting period may be extended by 1-2 hours. A golden rule is that for each additional resting hour the cow is producing about . 1 liter more milk. At the same time, while the cows are more rested, the estrus conditions are also improved. Another advantage is when the cows are laying more down, the hoofs are drier and diseases are thus minimized.

The optimal reclining position of the cow can be reached in a cubicle with a slope of 3-4%.

Cow-Welfare™ would like to offer farmers the opportunity to save money in relation to the construction. When farmers build stalls today, it is necessary to incorporate a gradient for the mattresses in the boxes. This is a major cost, as you have to shape both the rear area and the front area of the cubicle with concrete. With Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ mattress, the cubicle can be created as a flat box with liquid concrete. This saves the farmer a lot of work and effort, which reduces the construction costs.

All mattresses that Cow-Welfare™ offers are with a sloping rear edge, in order to facilitate the cleaning of the boxes. If a cow defecates close to the rear edge in the boxes, the faces of the mattress expire. Urine is drained quickly too, which means that the boxes and the cows remain clean and dry.

With Cow Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ the efficiency increases and the welfare of the dairy cows is optimized. .

Cow-Welfare LatexSoft CHY™ is characterized by:

  • Low construction costs
  • Simple assembly
  • Gentle sleeping comfort by two-zone structure
  • Higher milk yield
  • Clean animals
  • Reduced cleaning requirements
  • Improved hoof health by prolonged lying time
  • Low veterinary costs because the animals are healthier
  • Lower replacement costs
  • 5 years 100% guarantee

Real cows lie on real mattresses!

Mats – Rubber or Polypropylene

Rubber mat

The rubber mat is made of 4 mm rubber with nylon inserts. The mat is supplied with a new special assembly method which facilitates the cleaning and reduces the risk for marks on the cow.

  • Is insulating
  • Is easy to clean
  • Has a super softness
  • Has rounded plastic moldings all the way around
  • Is 100% tight
  • Very user-friendly
  • 5 years 100% guarantee

Polypropylene mat

  • Manufactured from polypropylene which is insulating
  • Made up of small, fine-meshed squares which are not rough
  • Keeps the litter so it does not slide
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Less consumption of litter
  • Very user-friendly
  • 5 years 100% guarantee