What we do

At Cow-Welfare, we develop, manufacture and sell innovative barn solutions that make cows and farmers happier. All of our products are brought to the world to enhance the service life of the cows, so they will produce more while staying healthier.

Up until now, we’ve invented three award-winning products for the farmers:

  • Cow-Welfare FlexStall™: The free stall that makes the cows live longer while producing more.
  • Cow-Welfare FlexFeed™: The feed barrier that makes the cows eat naturally – heads high like on the pasture.
  • Cow-Welfare LatexSoft: The mattress that gives the cow comfort while staying firm.

The animal-friendly products sell through a large dealer network throughout the world. Since the revelation of our products, we have experienced high growth rates outside Denmark, so today the export accounts for more than 99% of the company’s total revenue.

Because of its innovative solution and the international attention, we have chosen to patent all of our products. We have won several prestigious awards, and we will continue to do so with our coming products.

New product prize at Agromek 2008 for Cow-welfare FlexStall™

New product price for Cow-welfare FlexStall™ at Elmia 2008Innov at Space 2008 for Cow-welfare FlexStall™New product prize at Agromek 2012 for Cow-welfare FlexFeed™ Grand prize at Agromek 2012 for Cow-welfare FlexFeed™Innovation of the year at Eurotier 2013 for Cow-welfare FlexFeed™New product prize at Agromek 2012 for Cow-welfare LatexSoft CHY




We believe that our products will make the life of your cows and the health of your wallet better. If you could get a 10% higher yield, how much would that be worth to you?

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How we do it

All right. So now, you’ve seen what we promise to do. Here’s how we’ll live up to that promise.

We are honest
A promise is a promise, and we’ll do whatever we can to live up to our promises. Cow-Welfare has always been a reliable and honest partner, and we’ll continue to be that way – no trust, no business.

We are ambitious
We have a plan for the future that includes high growth. We believe in it because we believe in the innovative products that we sell all over the world.

We are innovative
We’ve developed all of our products on our own and that has taken us quite far. To stay ahead, we’ll continue to innovate and come up with new products that will help farmers and cows everywhere.


What we want to do

Our mission in life is to fulfill the demands of modern day farmers. We want to be at the forefront of development and we want to improve our product range so that you can optimize your milk production and increase the living standard of your cows.

We want to be known for our animal welfare, for the quality of our products, but most of all, we want to be known for giving farmers a better economy.

We will succeed by constantly developing new, innovative products, by always enhancing the quality of our products and by delivering what we promise.


Why we do it

We have a big focus on animal welfare. It’s not just that we want to save the planet, it’s also because we believe that a big focus on animal welfare will benefit the farmer. Money today is hard earned for farmers, and if we can help them make more money faster, then we have succeeded.

Do you wanna help us in improving the life of cows by doing good for your own cows?


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