What are our customers saying about us?

We aim to make the conditions in the world’s cow barns as animal-friendly as possible. That increases the respect for the farmer and the farming community. Besides that, healthy and happy cows make more milk, and more milk makes you a happy and wealthy farmer!

Below you will find a sample of statements from happy farmers around the world.

Cow comfort adds 10.5 kg milk per day

Mactalla Farms Inc., Canada
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Customer statement from Mactalla

Mactalla Farms Inc. is owned and operated by the MacQuarrie family, milking 80 purebred Holsteins in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

“We have made some significant changes to our farm over the last year, recently switching from an older style free stall to a newly constructed tarp barn.

“Cow comfort is a top priority for us and making the decision to include Cow-Welfare stalls and the Flex Feed rail fit well with our goals for our new barn. We have noticed a vast improvement in cow comfort – the cows spend most of their time eating or laying down, and less time competing for resources.”

“Having happier cows has paid off – average production per cow has increased from 31 kg to 41.5 kg since moving to the new barn.  We’re very excited to continue meeting our goals for the farm, and are pleased that Cow Welfare has helped play a part in accomplishing this.”

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Relaxed cows lives longer

MaRaMe GbR, Germany
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Stall

Customer statement from Ralf Meier

Ralf Meier of MaRaMe GbR in Kassel, Germany, has 200 cows. In August 2010, he installed 120 Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls in an extension to his barn.

”There is no better feeling than walking through the barn in the evening, enjoying the view of my cows resting in the free stall. It’s nice to know that the stress reduction gives me more profit. I sleep well at night.”

His neighbors were quite skeptical at first, but they quickly changed their view on the flexible equipment made of polymer. The cull rate has dropped significantly, and the somatic cell count is around 150-180.000, which is satisfactory to Ralf Meier.

”The cows with the highest yield lies in the area where the Cow-Welfare Flex Stall are. In this area, the yield is at 37-38 kg per day, whereas the yield from the cows in iron free stalls is approximately 32 kg.”

Ralf Meier has a very specific example of how Cow-Welfare Flex Stall has helped him and his cows: ”I had a cow where age and health weren’t optimal any more, and strictly speaking, it shouldn’t have had any more calves. I chose to give the cow a second chance, and I made it live in the area with Cow-Welfares free stalls. Two years are gone, and the cow has given birth to two more calves, and a third is on its way. The cow’s yield is at 14,000 kg per year – that is something you can measure on the bottom line when you can profit from your cows in several years more than expected.”

”Many things will change in my barn, but Cow-Welfare Flex Stall will stay. The free stalls from Cow-Welfare are the best investment I’ve made! I’m changing the other iron free stalls soon!”

Since then, Ralf Meier has bought Cow-Welfare Flex Stall for the rest of the barn, as well as in the heifer and dry cow areas.

The best thing about the new barn is the flexible feed fence

Van der Meulen Dairy Ltd, Canada
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Jen and Theo van der Meulen milks 270 cows near Drayton, Ontario. The herd is a mixed herd, so mostly Holstein but they also have some Red and Whites, Brown Swiss, Jersey X, Line Back and Scandinavian Red X.

”When we designed our new facility, we put a lot of emphasis on cow comfort and cow safety, and that’s what lead us to this unique feed front! We put in the flex feeding fence nine months ago and couldn’t be happier! The cows no longer have bumps and missing hair on their necks, and there is no damage to their shoulders which was my biggest concern!”

“Anytime someone asks me what my favorite part is about our new barn I always tell them it’s my flex feed front! Best investment I made! I highly recommend this feed front to anyone who wants to improve their animal welfare in their barn!“

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Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY saves both time and money when building a new barn

Büscher Wetter GbR, Germany
Has Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY, Cow-Welfare Flex Stall
and Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Customer statement from Büscher Wetter

Heiko Büscher, Büscher Wetter GbR from Bielefeld, Niedersachsen:

”Initially our plan was to equip our new barn with a bedrest of deep bedding. Because of a misunderstanding between the construction company and us, the bedrest was made for mattresses but without any slant. Despite a thorough search, we found no company that could nor would help in adapting the bedrest for deep bedding.”

“Tommy Wollesen, who is the owner of Cow-Welfare, suggested installing a slanted mattress called Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY, which would solve our problem. The price of this solution was very interesting. Also, we have saved quite a lot of litter, and the work effort itself is much easier.”

“Because of the slant on the mattress, urine and milk run off quite easily. Contrary to our expectations, we only remove manure from the beds every 14th day which is a huge different compared to our previous beds. If it would happen that a cow shat on the mattress, you can easily scrape it off the back of the mattress and down on the floor.”

“The mounting of the Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY mattresses showed to be very easy. For the three persons that we were, it didn’t take much time to mount the mattresses.”

”Our cows loves to lie down in the beds. When they lie down on the mattress, they get down in the correct position fast, and they seldom correct their position once they are down.”

”We have always been against bedrest with mattresses. Today we are wiser, thanks to our cows. If we were to build again there is no doubt that we would choose a floating concrete structure together with Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY – it saves both time and money!”

The profit is increasing with less stressed cows

Tom Scholtens, Denmark
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Customer statement from Tom Scholtens

Tom Scholtens is a former Dutch herdsman, living in Skærbæk, Denmark, where he owns 300 black Holstein cows. He acquired the property in 2006 and built a new barn in 2012 with sand as bedding.

”I have heightened my daily yield by approximately 2.5 kg milk per cow since I installed Cow-Welfare Flex Stall. Today I’m at 39 kg. The maximum somatic cell count is 90.000, but the norm is around 50.000. What I have noticed is that generally speaking, the cow’s position in the beds are quite good. That has increased the resting time, decreased the damages on the cows, and made cleaning of the stalls easier.”

”I chose to give the cows plenty of light in the new barn. Combined with the increased freedom to move around from Cow-Welfare Flex Stall, it has increased the number of cows in heat. However, the best thing about the barn is the calm and relaxed atmosphere. The cows are less stressed, and that is something you can measure on the bottom line.”

People cheat themselves if they invest in other barn equipment

Pascal Monhart, Switzerland
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Customer statement from Pascal Monhart

Pascal Monhart from Schlott in Switzerland has both Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Cow-Welfare Flex Feed. He has a mixed herd of big and small cows – some of them are Jersey cows.

”I’ve always wanted a barn with high cow comfort, low construction costs, simple working procedures, and that is easily manageable. I have achieved that in full! On top of that, the plastic is not as cold for the cows in winter as the iron free stalls are.”

“I still get impressed when I see how fast and freely a cow gets down in Cow-Welfares Flex Stall. My cows have no galls, marks or injuries whatsoever – none. Furthermore, there’s always quiet in my barn – no loud noises and no stress.”

”I always pay close attention to the somatic cell count. After the installation of Cow-Welfares free stall and feed fence, the cell count hasn’t been higher than 100.000. The cows rest for a longer period, and the hoofs are thereby more off the aisles than normal – you won’t find digital dermatitis in my barn!”

”I think people cheat themselves if they invest in other barn equipment than Cow-Welfares!”

No problems with marks and injuries anymore

Lars Kennet Zetterlund, Sweden
Has Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Cow-Welfare Latex Soft

Lars Kennet Zetterlund from Storvik in Sweden installed 74 Cow-Welfare Flex Stall free stalls in 2011 for his 74 cows of the SRB and SLB race.

”We transferred to organic production when we refurbished our barn. That has given us the opportunity to lower our operating costs and while we maintain our milk production. At the moment, the yield per cow is around 9,700 kg per cow per year. Unfortunately, I cannot measure the difference in lying time from then and now, because we used to be in a tie-stall barn. But what I can say is that the cows are lying perfectly in the new cubicles.”

“We had problems with marks and injuries in the tie stall barn, but we don’t have that anymore. We are super satisfied with Cow-Welfare Flex Stall! We have no cows with marks or injuries, and they seem to be comfortable when they are ruminating.”